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Date: 7.9.2023

[A] Death is inevitable and destroys life

See also Death.

[B] Aim of life lies at its end, i.e. death or beyond

(Or you can reach the aim of life only at/after death.)

[C] Anything beyond life belongs to belief

See more in The end of life and belief.

Sheer void as a belief?

[D] The aim of the entire (rational) life has something to do with beliefs

[ B + C => D ]

[E] Life without beliefs is irrational

[ B + C + D => F ]

Life without a goal is irrational. But the goal lies at the end/death that cannot be understood except via beliefs. Therefore, life without belief is irrational too.

Yet another way of showing it:

Life Goal Belief Death

So Death is the logico-empirical link between Belief and Goal of Life.

And one more way to see it: