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Ruslim.Org technically

Date: 29.05.2017

Author: Ilya Potapov


Ruslim.Org is built using Middleman, a static site generator. After a while, and some struggle with complicated database based systems and with no less sophisticated hosting providers, we have decided that Ruslim.Org is all about reading, hence, no standing on the head is needed, plain text would suffice. After all, it is easier to maintain, to store, to migrate, to change, upload and faster for our users.

The pages found here can be downloaded ("cloned") from a GitHub account and correspondingly found as GitHub Pages. We also accept a standard "programmer" way to propose changes/corrections/proposals to our material using the GitHub "Pull Request" system.

Our pages should be well formatted for all devices, from smartphones to desktops. We also support Mobile First strategy. Every page has a print option, printed version of a page is all black-and-white (except for images). Additionally, every page (in desktop or landscape view) has expand option (little » sign in the top right corner), which expands the content to full width removing the sidebar menu.

Font is Book Antiqua, a good option for book-like reading. We had long nights choosing the font size and line spacing for better reading experience.