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Paradox of Responsibility

Date: 21.01.2023


Imagine non-believers who trust themselves and matter (material causes) immensely. They believe that they can achieve everything through their own will and passion. Imagine too, that they are very good, in that they truly believe that this life has something good for them and others. Indeed, a religion of masses today!

It follows that these people must be super-responsible in everything they do (especially, professionally). Indeed, who else can they trust but themselves? They never get late to work, because their work is ultimately dependent on them and it is important, good work to do. They never fail to check, double-, and triple-check anything produced by them (a report, a product, a presentation). They feel immense sense of responsibility for any mistake they produce…

Given we live in largely non-religious societies of modern age [1], it is very surprising we still encounter so many disappointing irresponsibilities: professional carelessness, lack of ethics in clinics, politics, science… Let alone sheer negligence, deceit, and betrayal. Remember this next time when your cleaning lady gets late or your email gets ignored, or the computer code breaks, or …

Where are you, responsible presumptuous self-confident non-believers?

[1] It is an empirically verifiable fact that we hear more professional, more entertainment, more technology, more dubious modern culture talks than religious, afterlife type of conversations. Check it out next time you attend a meeting or open your laptop: Do you mention anything religious before you start and after you end? The death and its consequences are simply not there for someone to hear.