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How to Read

Date: 29.05.2017

Author: Ilya Potapov


Our resource is primarily about reading, event to the extent we reduce visual presentations to a minimum (sensational in most cases misleading, devoid of true abstract vision).

We are not a blog. Not even close. Both by how often we get materials ready and how much general we are. We are more like a textbook, a reference guide that you have a look at and go change the world (yourself in the first place) afterwards.

We are not new, we are reminders. Everything was already said or thought somewhere in space and time, in one form or the other. Except that people are forgetful. So, we urge others to go and find out by themselves.

We are not very specific, so do not expect to find us easily on Google (the very idea of a project like this is against modern informational paradigm: you can create a blog on how to train a convolutional neural network, or how to find your path to the Opéra Garnier in Paris to be sure they can find you). The specificity comes only when it is necessary for the ultimate judgment on a subject.

We are boring to the most of the people, sometimes even irritating, because we challenge the very eyes through which an individual sees the world.

All materials are organized in the conventional categories: "Essays", "Reading club", "Valuable". Essays represent the original works of the authors, articles in Valuable are mainly references to external resources with minor comments, and the reading club materials are essays on books filtered through our mind processors.

We also have an additional classificator: so called "themes" or "tags". These are kept to navigate the users and to refrain from traditional categorization. One article may have many tags.

As materials grow, we collect them into smaller Tutorials. Thus, we maintain several independent classification techniques.

You can read us from mobile devices, desktops, and in printed form, depending on how difficult the material you are reading is.